Say No to Hate Crimes

Say No to Racism

Say No to Islamophobia



Collaborating with the Abusers?

It is said that "Intolerance" is a sign of weakness, but "Tolerance" is a sign of strength. American Muslims have shown tremendous restraint and patience in dealing with this subject, but the attacks on Muslims have elevated from intolerance, to human rights abuses, to hate crimes. And now there is a vicious public campaign against Muslims in the media --"Islam-o-Phobia".



The wall of Islamophobia must come down. This is an enormous task, and it will take many organizations, coalitions, and people like you who will not accept these crimes. Let us join together to Say No to Islamophobia.

Racism is part of this Islamophobia. Human rights abuse targeting select people within our society is a crime. If these crimes are witnessed and accepted by us without action, then we all become collaborators with the abusers. Therefore, we ask you to let your voice be heard. Reject Hate. "Speak the Truth in Love" and open the door for healing.

The following is our humble effort -- a campaign to bring down this wall. Come join us to stop this policy of deception and exclusion. Let's work together for "Our America" with its entire people, regardless of race, religion, color, or social status.

How do we do this?

  • Awareness Providing an overview of Racism and Islamophobia.
  • New Imagination Attaining new possibilities by the Muslim community.
  • Action Making the difference as an individual, a group, or as organizations.

This campaign is for all people and not only American Muslims. We ask for the help from all people of faith to assist in bringing down this wall.



We also encourage individuals who may have participated in Islamophobia in the past to realize the magnitude of harm and suffering they may have caused their brothers and sisters. Perhaps this is a good chance for reconciliation, repentance, and a new positive outlook.